Fitness Consulting

Our behaviour-focused approach to fitness consulting not only aims to help you reduce fat, and gain necessary muscle mass, but also focuses on eradicating usual problems associated with an unhelathy lifestyle.
At the end of the 12-week program specifically customized according to your needs, you will have enough knowledge and information to follow a sustainable nutrition and workout plan to stay healthy.

What you get when you enroll with FitQuad


Fully customized nutrition plan

Fully customized workout regimen

Schedule tracker to enforce discipline

Weekly calls to monitor results

Sustenance plan (At the end of 12 weeks)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01. How much body weight will I reduce in 12 weeks?
The focus of this program is to primarily educate and demonstrate how you can control problems stemming from an unhealthy lifestyle. By diligently following the quantified nutrition and workout programs, you will tend to lose fat and gain muscles, thus effecting an overall healthy change in your body. This will eventually lead to weight-loss and increase in strength.
Remember, all this will happen only if you diligently follow the routines suggested.
Happy to help
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