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FitQuad is the place for you to learn all about holistic fitness for your body and mind. Certified in nutrition and fitness consulting from ISSA, we have helped many people in their respective fitness journeys, and have some amazing experiences to share.

We Work With You, No Matter Where You Are.

We're proud to be the fitness partner of choice for numerous trusting clients across the globe.
Divided by time-zones, united by unwavering dedication towards holistic fitness.
Advising and mentoring clients across geographies and timezones to help them achieve what they want to.
Trusted by wonderful people from different backgrounds, having a common objective.
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Priceless is the joy of being an integral part of our clients' successful transformation journeys.
Chand Chautala
Founder - FitQuad

“My journey in the path of fitness”

It's been 7 years since i've dedicated myself to leading a healthy lifestyle, and learning new things everyday to be a better version of myself. I won't deny the fact that I started working on myself just to look aesthetically pleasing. But as i progressed, this became a habit and my quest to learn more about holistic health just got stronger. This journey from fat to fit wasn't easy though. From being fat-shamed to slim-shamed (yes, slim-shaming is real and happens when people assume you sacrifice food to lose weight and fit into skinny clothes). I have been on both the sides and i can say with utmost confidence that all this effort is worth it.
Today, people appreciate me for being the fitness and nutrition consultant I am but what most of them don't know is that whatever advise I provide comes from years of personal experience.
I still believe I have loads to learn and there's no better teacher than the experiences thrown at you by life. I believe growing up means becoming better; better in thoughts, better in knowledge, better in forgiving, better in learning... Just better than the person you were before!
I always feel a slight sense of accomplishment whenever I contribute to someone's fitness journey and that's what keeps me going.
Be proud of who you are and who you're going to be, for there's no future without the present.